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Call Recording

Telzio provides automatic call recording for inbound and outbound calls. Stay compliant with user access and data retention tools, and get unlimited storage included.

About call recording

Automatic call recording

Activate automatic recording of inbound customer service and sales calls, as well as outbound calls for select users and departments. Tag and store call recordings for training and quality assurance through our dashboard.

There's no limit to the number of call recordings that be stored with Telzio, and our data retention tools enable you to automate deletion of recordings after a certain period as needed for compliance reasons.

Unlimited storage

Telzio provides unlimited storage of call recordings at no additional cost.

Customer service training

Capture great customer experiences and use them for training.

Secure and compliant

Telzio is HIPAA and GPDR compliant. Please contact our team for a BAA.

How it works

How to record calls

You can enable automatic call recording with one click through our dashboard. Record all calls, or specify the queues, call flows, and users where you want calls to be recorded. During active calls, you can start recording on the spot with one tap.



Where can I access call recordings?

Authorized users on your account can access call recordings through the Telzio Dashboard.


Is there a limit to the number of call recordings I can store in my account?

There is no limit to the number of recordings you can store.


How long are call recordings saved?

Call recordings are saved until you delete them or cancel your Telzio account.


Is there an additional cost for call recording?

No. Call recording is included with Telzio. Learn more about our pricing.

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