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Hold Music

Excellent music options built into your phone system, and the flexibility to add your own custom hold music.

About hold music

Hold music that fits

We provide a curated list of hold music to choose from, with options for every type of business. You can also add your own audio files to use as hold music, and customize what your callers hear while they wait to be connected. Individualize hold music for different parts of your phone system, and customize the hold experience depending on where the caller has dialed.

Curated music

Preview different genres of hold music and choose the one that fits your business.

Custom hold music

Upload your own audio files to use as hold music on your phone system.

Caller retention

Increase retention and satisfaction with a more pleasant on-hold experience.


Solidify your brand with a professional sound every time callers reach your business.

How it works

Update your phone system's hold music

Telzio enables you to update the hold music for your phone system with a few simple clicks. Browse our hand-selected list of hold music from a variety of genres, and instantly refresh the sound for your business.

Have options for different hold music across your phone system. With the ability to add audio files and announcements, you can truly personalize the caller's journey. Our dashboard makes it easy to add and change hold music.



What kind of file can I upload?

You can upload hold music to Telzio as an MP3 or WAV file.


What's the maximum size I can upload?

Currently you can upload files up to 6MB.

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