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Simultaneous Calls

Support an increasing number of concurrent calls and make sure incoming callers never reach a busy tone. Telzio's cloud platform eliminates call capacity limitations on your phone system, so you can handle high call volume and route the excess traffic to call waiting queues.

About simultaneous calls

High volume calling solutions

Companies of all sizes use Telzio for simultaneous calling. We provide solutions for increased calling needs and times when you have more callers than agents available. Our model allows you to scale up a phone system and start accepting a high influx of incoming calls instantly.

Cloud based

Eliminate hardware and channel limitations with our scalable cloud phone system.

Excess callers

Retain new callers with queues, hold music, and alternative routes.

Single point of contact

Consolidate into one dedicated line as the main contact number for customers.

Toll free numbers

Power national calling campaigns and support lines with our toll free solutions.

How it works

How to handle a high number of simultaneous calls

With Telzio, all of your agents can be on the phone at the same time, on the same phone number. Route new callers through custom call flows, and keep them on the line with queues, hold music, and updated announcements.

As a cloud-based platform, there's no hardware required. Use our web, mobile, and desk phone options, and route calls to agents in any location.



What's a channel?

Channels represent the number of concurrent calls that can be supported on a phone number. One channel equals one call. Talk to our sales team for high volume needs.

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