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Holiday Greetings from Telzio, and a Look Back at 2018

Holiday Greetings from Telzio, and a Look Back at 2018

January 6, 2020

December 21, 2018

June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Telzio! It's been another exciting year filled with new developments, and we’re thrilled for the year to come. As always, our roadmap is filled with new features and we’ll be continuously adding enhancements to the system to help make your business communications even more powerful.

Here is a list of notable features we added to the platform in 2018, starting with the most recent.

Notable New Features from Telzio, 2018

Enhanced Text-to-Speech Voice - We upgraded the technology behind the text-to-speech tool used in phone menus, voicemails greetings, etc., making the voice sound just like a real person.

Custom Hold Music - We added the ability to add your own custom hold music, which means that you can also insert your own on-hold messages.

Call Whisper & Call Barge - Call Monitoring capabilities were expanded, enabling call center managers to listen in, whisper to agents, and barge into calls.

Enhanced Opening Hours Filter - This was a design update to the Opening Hours action, making it easier to set business hours and schedule call routing for different users/groups.

Enhanced Call Flow Editor - This update enables you to move, insert, and delete actions within a Call Flow, without affecting the other actions around it.

Custom Announcements - Announcements was added as a new action in the Call Flow, where you can upload/record/type in a message to be played for callers.

Fax by Email - The fax feature was enhanced so you can send fax via email.

SMS on International Phone Numbers - We expanded SMS coverage to 15 additional countries.

User Status and One-Click Dial in Dashboard - We added a list of all your users to your Dashboard, along with BLF indicators. You can see who’s available, and click on the user to call them directly through your browser.

Phone Numbers Whitelist - In addition to the Blacklist where you can block numbers, we added a whitelist where you can allow certain numbers to call you. This is useful if for example you have an entire country blacklisted, but want to allow specific numbers to be able to get through.

Voicemail PIN - For added security, we added an optional voicemail PIN that you can create for accessing user voicemails.

Telzio Webphone - Our biggest feature of the year! The Telzio Webphone is a virtual phone built into your Dashboard, and requires no installation to start calling.

Data Retention Tools - Given the new GDPR compliance laws, we added data privacy settings that allow you to manage how long you want certain records on your phone system to be stored.

Company Directory - Company Directory is an action in the Call Flow that allows callers to search for employees by name.

User Directory & BLF Status in Mobile App - Inside the mobile app, we added a user contact list and BLF indicators, so you can see who in your company is available right from your mobile device.

Feature Requests & Feedback

We always love to hear from you! If you have a feature request or feedback to share, please don't hesitate to send us a note.

Cheers & Happy Holidays from Telzio ~