E911 - Emergency Dialing

Enable emergency 911 calling on your VoIP service and associate your physical address with your phone number so dispatchers already know your location.

Illustration of a telzio number dialing 911 on a mobile phone.

What can I do with E911?

  • Dial 911 for emergencies using your Telzio
    VoIP service.
  • Register your physical address with
    emergency dispatchers.
  • Call 911 from any device, including the mobile app and IP phones.

Use Case

E911 is critical for all organizations in the case of emergency. E911 service with Telzio enables you to dial 911 from your internet-based Telzio phone line to reach emergency dispatchers. By enabling E911 with your service, your physical address is registered with your phone number so local dispatchers will already
have your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enable E911 emergency calling on my number?
    You can enable 911 calling on any of your phone numbers on the Plans and Numbers page of your Dashboard.

Features Included in all Plans

Additional Features

  • 1 All inbound text messages are included. You can add outbound text messages to your plan.
  • 2 There is no porting fee for local US numbers. Some toll free and international phone numbers have a porting fee. Contact us to learn more.