Unlimited Devices Per Extension

Telzio includes all User Extensions with your service, and enables employees to connect to all their devices with a single login, at no extra cost per device.

An illustration displaying a desk phone and a mobile phone both connected to the user account.

What can I do with User Extensions?

  • Log into the mobile app, IP phones, and softphones with a single login.
  • Make and receive calls on your Telzio extension from any location.
  • Dramatically reduce costs by eliminating individual user fees.

Use Case

Using the same extension on multiple different devices is useful for employees who use both a desk phone and their cell phone, and want to have all calls and messages on both devices synced. Being logged into multiple devices also allows calls to find you, whether you're at your desk, or on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of devices can I use with my Extension?
    You can use your extension with our mobile app, IP phone, and softphones. Visit our support pages to learn more about the different types of IP phones we recommend.

Features Included in all Plans

Additional Features

  • 1 All inbound text messages are included. You can add outbound text messages to your plan.
  • 2 There is no porting fee for local US numbers. Some toll free and international phone numbers have a porting fee. Contact us to learn more.