Telzio Call Analytics

Use the call data to improve your call center performance.

A screenshot of the analaytics on the Telzio dashboard.

Intuitive reporting

  • Monitor activity on your phone numbers and make sure incoming calls are being answered in good time.
  • Track marketing campaigns and easily see how different ads are performing.
  • Sort by phone numbers and dates, and track how your activity has grown overtime.
  • See your most active agents and their call volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can see call analytics?
    Only administrators can see call analytics. Employees with a standard user login will have a separate view containing their own recent activity of call, voicemail, and text messages.
  • Is there call data displayed in real-time?
    Yes. You can access Telzio's Live Reports to see call activity in real time. Call analytics gives you an overview snapshot of activity within a given period, whereas Live Reports show you live call activity.

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