Retain more callers with on-hold music.

Use our default music options or upload your own hold music and messages. Enable employees to personalize hold music for their extensions.

An example of the hold music select feature for Telzio

What can I do with
Hold Music?

  • Preview different genres of hold music and choose the one that fits your business.
  • Enhance your callers' experience and your professional brand.
  • Let your employees choose their own style of hold music for their extension.
  • Keep callers in the queue longer and capture more customers.

The result is better customer experiences.

Hold Music can be used in any business situation where you have incoming callers dialing direct to employees or holding in a call queue. Rather than a standard ringing tone, employees can choose a personal style of hold music for callers to hear while they wait for an answer.

Hold Music is especially useful in queues, when callers have dialed your main line and are waiting to be connected to the next available agent. Hold Music keeps callers in the queue longer, and improves their waiting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I preview the Hold Music?
    Yes. You can preview the Hold Music directly in the Dashboard before choosing it.
  • Is there a fee to enable Hold Music?
    No. Hold Music is included as part of your Telzio service.

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