Opening Hour Filters

Set business hours to change the direction of calls when you’re not available.


Opeoning Hour Filters
  • Set business hours for your business, offices and/or departments
  • Create different options for callers when you’re open and when you’re closed
  • Select the time zone for your area
  • Send callers to voicemail or a different phone number when you’re closed


  • Instant call flow editor to make live changes online
  • Automated system to direct your callers depending on the time and day
  • Unlimited filters for each phone number, so you can set various hours for different locations, departments and employees

Overview of Using Telzio's Small Business VoIP System

Frequently Asked Questions About Opening Hour Filters

What happens when callers reach me during closed hours?

You can customize how you want calls to be handled during closed and open hours with any of the features in the call flow. i.e. You can send callers to voicemail, an IVR menu or forward calls to another phone number.

What if I don’t have specific business hours?

You can set up a call flow without any opening hours filters, or you can change your hours anytime.