Real-time call reporting
on your contact center.

View live call activity on your phone lines and see how your call centers are holding up. See call statistics as they update in real time, and monitor agents in any location.

An example of the Telzio live reports board on a display.

Live call data on your screen

  • Gain insight in how your phone lines are performing in real time.
  • Make better decisions to manage customer service and sales processes.
  • Observe call volume and make sure peak times are covered.
  • Enable agents to work from any location and use Live Reports to monitor their activity.

Host your call center in the cloud
and get real time call tracking.

Telzio is call center software and business phone system in one. You get everything out of the box. Live call reporting, user management, and call routing all managed online.

Live Reports are displayed on the Telzio Dashboard online. Keep a browser open and an eye on your call centers throughout the day.

View call statistics as they update in real time, providing you with valuable insight on how your contact center is performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of call statistics are displayed?
    Telzio Live Reports displays your current number of callers waiting, average hold times, number of active calls, and number of agents available.
  • How do I access Live Reports?
    The feature is included with all Telzio plans at no additional cost. There's no configuration or download needed. You can access the Live Reports on the dashboard at

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