Manage your account settings

How to customize your account settings, apply data retention policies, block numbers, secure your Telzio account, and more.


Your company name is associated with your billing, which you can change under Billing.

The account number cannot be changed, and the account PIN can only be changed by the account owner. You may sometimes need your PIN when contacting support.

You can update the account owner and upload a company logo.

The Time Zone preference selected here will be used for your call logs, and default settings in call flows and user settings.

Enable Auto Close SMS Threads to automatically close SMS threads after a certain time, and route new messages back to the number's destination.

You can customize which settings users are able to edit on their own.

  • First Name - enables all users to change their first name
  • Last Name - enables all users to change their last name
  • Email - enables all users to change their email
  • Avatar - enables all users to upload their own avatar
  • Voicemail Greeting - enables all users to customize their own voicemail greeting
  • Voicemail PIN - enables all users to create an optional voicemail access PIN
  • Time Zone - enables all users to specify their own time zone
  • Hold Music - enables all users to select their own hold music when their extension is dialed
  • Webphone - enables all users to enable their webphone for calling through the browser

Data retention

You can anonmyze your call logs and delete records by selecting a time frame under each section.

  • Call log anonymization - anonymizes phone numbers in call logs while retaining other call data
  • Voicemail retention - deletes all voicemail messages
  • SMS retention - deletes all SMS/MMS messages
  • Fax retention - deletes all fax documents
  • Call recording retention - deletes all call recordings

Once these settings are applied, any messages that have reached the time frames set above will be anonymized/deleted.

Confirm the settings and click Update Preferences.


Update the email address on file for receiving important notifications about your account including low balance notices, deposit receipts, and upcoming charges.

Unmark the box to disable announcements for low balance alerts.


The tags created here can be used by all your users in SMS threads, call recordings, company voicemail messages, and faxes.

Click Add New Tag, enter the name, and hit enter to add a new tag.

Click the red trash bin to delete a tag.

Spam filter

You can apply account-wide spam filters to all phone numbers on the account, and apply unique spam filters to numbers.

  1. Go to Account
  2. Scroll down to Spam Filter
  3. Click New Spam Filter Rule
  4. Choose a Threshold between 0 and 100 percent, where 100 percent means the call is most likely spam
  5. Select an Action
    • Reject the call
    • Transfer the call to a call flow
    • Prepend CNAM to add a custom label to the front of the caller ID name
    • Append CNAM to add a custom label to the end of the caller ID name
    • Override CNAM to replace CNAM with a custom label
  6. Click Save Changes

Blocked numbers

You can block specific phone numbers from connecting with any of your Telzio numbers.

If you select a country and leave the phone number empty, then it will block all calls to/from that country.

  1. Select the country prefix and enter the phone number.
  2. Select the type of call:
    • Inbound and outbound calls - restricts any calls to and from this number
    • Outbound calls - restricts any calls to this number
    • Inbound calls - restricts any calls from this number
  3. Select whether you want to block calls or allow calls from this number

You can block all anonymous / private numbers by marking the box next to Block Anonymous Calls.

Custom hold music

You can update your own hold music files to use for greetings in call flows and voicemail. Hold music uploaded here will be available to all users who have permission to set hold music.

Click on Add Music to upload a file.

Click on play to preview the music.

Click on the red trash bin to delete the music.

You can upload up to 10 songs.

Close/pause account

You can park your numbers with Telzio if you need to pause your service, or close your account anytime under Account Settings.