Set up a company voicemail

How to set up company voicemail and routing, and enable voicemail transcription.

Telzio provides you with unlimited voicemail, allowing you to create shared company and team voicemails as well as individual voicemail for users.

You can route new voicemail messages to an email, user, or group. Voicemail messages can be managed and collaborated on among multiple users.

Add an action title

Add a title to the voicemail action to help you identify which voicemail box it relates to in your call flow. This helps when you have multiple voicemail actions throughout your call flow.

Create a voicemail greeting

You can create a voicemail greeting by:

  • Recording through your browser
  • Uploading an audio file
  • Typing out a greeting

Select a voicemail destination

Click on Select Voicemail Destination and select either user, group, or email from the list. Based on your selection, you'll be able to specify the destination to the right of that.

Enable voicemail transcription

Voicemail transcription is included with your service, and you get an unlimited number of transcriptions. By enabling this option, a voicemail transcription will be sent to the email of the assigned user(s).

Select Transcribe Voicemails to enable voicemail transcription.