Add a dial-by-name company directory

How to add a dial-by-name directory to your call flow and enable callers to reach certain people in your organization.

Company Directory is an action available in your call flow that allows callers to search for user extensions by name, and enables you to choose which departments are searchable.

Directory settings

In the Directory settings, you can enable search by first name, last name, or both, and also choose which User Groups to make available in the Directory.

How it works

Once the caller reaches the directory, they’ll hear an announcement asking them to enter the first 3 letters of the person’s name.

For example, if you have the directory settings set to search by first name and last name, the caller can dial in the first 3 characters for either the first name or last name to search for anyone who matches that criteria.

Once the caller enters the 3 digits, they will hear an announcement with the employee name and extension where they can be reached.

In order for a user to be searchable in the directory, they must be assigned an extension. Users without an extension will not be found in the directory.