Call Logs

What you can do with call logs from the Telzio Dashboard.

Telzio Call Logs contain detailed records of all your incoming and outgoing calls. You can manage, filter, and export a detailed list of all your calls under Call Logs.

Inside a call detail, you can listen to the call recording, retrieve the voicemail message if one was left, and find detailed information such as:

  • option the caller selected in the phone menu
  • user who answered the call
  • party that hung up the call
  • duration of the call
  • spam score
  • call legs
  • call events
  • billing details

Grant permission to view call logs

Only account owners, administrators, and users with Call Log Permissions have access to view Call Logs. You can update Permissions under Users.

Anonymize call log data

You can automatically anonymize your call logs for compliance using the Data Retention settings under Account Settings.