Snom PA1 Broadcast setup guide

How to provision Snom PA1 devices with Telzio.

The Snom PA1 is a device that enables you to set up a PA system using Telzio. The Snom PA1 is a small electronic device that contains an input jack for music and an output jack for speakers, making it ideal for places that play music and also make intermittent announcements throughout the day.

  1. Connect the Snom PA1 to your network, by connecting the ethernet cable into Port 1. If your network supports PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), the device should power on now. If not, you should also plug in a 5V DC adaptor.

  2. Wait for the power lamp to show a steady red light, indicating it has acquired an IP address from your network. Next, plug in a pair of headphones in the line out jack. This will enable you to hear the device’s output before having ay speakers connected.

  3. Press the IP/Reset button and the device will play back the IP address it acquired from your network.

  4. Type the IP address into your web browser to get to the configuration settings.

  5. Click on Identity 1 in the left menu, and enter the following settings:

    • Identity Active - On
    • Display Name - Intercom
    • Account - Enter the username of the User you created for this device.
    • Password - Enter the password of the User you created for this device.
    • Registrar -
    • Outbound Proxy -
    • Authentication Username - Enter the username for the device
  6. Click Apply and you’ll see the following notification at the top of the page: Some settings are not yet stored permanently.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click Re-register.

  9. The device will now register to the server (You can check the device’s registration status by clicking on System Information in the left menu)

  10. You should see: Identity 1 Status: OK

You can now call the device’s extension from any Telzio phone to broadcast an announcement.