Sending Faxes with Telzio

How to send a fax online with Telzio.

You can send faxes through the Telzio Dashboard and by email.

Send a fax through the dashboard

  1. Hover over the phone icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard
  2. Click on the Fax icon
  3. Verify the number you are sending from in the drop down
  4. Enter the fax number where you would like to send a fax
  5. Add your document by dragging the PDF file into the window or clicking on browse to upload it
  6. When the PDF is done uploading, you can use the left/right arrows to scroll through the pages and click on the square to expand it to full page view
  7. After you've confirmed your document, click Send Fax to deliver it

The next step will take you to the fax page. A progress timeline will be displayed. Your fax has been sent if you get a green dot next to the progress bar.

Fax will attempt to connect three times. If all attempts fail, you will receive an email letting you know the fax was unsuccessful. Try to send the fax again.

Send a fax by email

  1. Obtain your unique Telzio fax email, which looks something like ‘’
  2. In your email application, compose a new email and paste the Email to Fax address in the To field
  3. Enter the fax number where you want to send the fax in the Subject field
  4. If you want to include a fax cover sheet, type the content in the body of the email
    • Anything entered in the body of the email, including your email signature, will create a cover page preceding your fax document
  5. Attach the PDF you want to fax to the email
  6. After you hit send, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your fax is in process, and a second email when the fax delivery has been completed
  7. Save your Email to Fax address in your contacts so it is ready for your next fax