Call Status Changed

This event is fired whenever the status of a call is changed. For instance this can be when a call is answered, canceled or isn’t answered.


Parameter Type Description
EventType string Has the value “call_hungup” for this event
call_id string A unique identifier for this call. Example: 11-312298b3-12a34
status string The new status being transitioned into.
date datetime ISO 8601 Formatted date string

Status Types

Status Meaning Possible From
initializing Call has been created and is processing Has the value “child_call_connected” for this event
ringing Call is ringing (either getting a dial tone or a phone is ringing) initializing
in-progress Call is connected and voice communication is possible initializing, ringing
cancel Caller hung up before a the line was answered initializing, ringing
noanswer Caller was hung up without being connected (rang out) initializing, ringing, in-progress
completed Call was hung up after voice communication had successfully been established in-progress