Yealink DECT Setup Guide

How to setup Yealink DECT devices to make calls with Telzio.

This guide pertains to Yealink W60P, and should apply to all models in the Yealink DECT series including the W41P, W60P, W56P, W53P and the W52P.

If your device was previously used with a different provider, you'll first want to do a factory reset on the phone.

Steps to configure Yealink DECT devices with Telzio:

  1. Factory reset the base station
  2. Connect the base station and headset
  3. Configure the base station
  4. Add handsets

Factory reset the base station

  1. Unplug the power to the base station
  2. While unplugged, hold the Connect button for 20 seconds and continue to hold the connect button
  3. While holding the Connect button, reconnect your base station to power it back on
  4. Once the base station is connected to power and all lights on the device are flashing, you can release the connect button
  5. Once the lights stop flashing and remain solid, wait 5 minutes
  6. After 5 minutes, reboot the base station by unplugging it for a couple of seconds and plugging it back into power

Connect the base station and handset

  1. Connect the base station to your internet connection by plugging an ethernet cable into the internet port at the bottom of the device (If your network provides PoE (Power over Ethernet), the device will automatically turn on - if not, you need to also plug in the power supply)

  2. Insert the battery into the handset, and power it on by pressing and holding the red hang-up button

  3. The handset will automatically pair with the base station, and you will see "Handset 1" in the display

If the handset doesn't automatically pair with the base station, you can use the following instructions:

  1. Press the OK softkey on the handset and select Register Handset
  2. Select the desired base station and press the OK softkey, and the handset will begin searching for the base station
  3. Press the OK soft key after searching for a base station successfully
  4. Enter the base station PIN (default: 0000) and press Done to complete registration

Configure the base station

  1. On the handset, press OK
  2. Select Status and then Base to find the base station's IP address (IPv4)
  3. Open your web browser and enter the IP address in the address field, then press Enter to bring up the base station's configuration page

By default, the use the following credentials to log in: - Username: admin - Password: admin

  1. Click on Account in the top-menu and set the following:

    • Line Active Enabled
    • Label Your full name
    • Display Name Your full name
    • Register Name Your Telzio username
    • Username Your Telzio username
    • Password The password for your Telzio username
    • Server Host
  2. Press Confirm

  3. From the left-hand menu, select Advanced, then set the following:

    • Subscribe for MWI Enabled
    • Voicemail *98
  4. Press Confirm

Add handsets

The W60B base-station can handle up to 8 handsets. You can choose to let all handsets use the same Telzio username, or install individual ones on each device.

To add different users to the base station, click Account in the top-menu, and from the top of the page, choose which account profile to edit by changing the Account drop-down menu. Then repeat steps 3 to 6 from Configure the base station above.

To select which user is configured on each handset, select Account from the top-menu. Then select Number Assignment from the left-hand menu. Use the matrix to assign users to each handset.