Grandstream DP715 Setup Guide

How to provision Grandstream DP715 devices and start taking calls with Telzio today.

In this article, you’ll learn how to configure a Grandstream DP715 to use with Telzio. You can also autoprovision Grandstream IP phones, which can be done remotely.

If you’ve previously used the phone with a different provider, you should do a factory reset on the phone first.

Steps to manually provision Grandstream DP715 phones with Telzio:

  1. Log into the phone's web interface
  2. Update the profile settings
  3. Configure the handset
  4. Configure the server settings

Log into the phone’s web interface

  1. Connect the base station to your network, and power up the handset
  2. Dial *** on the handset
  3. Enter 02 when instructed take note of the IP address shown
  4. Type the IP address into your web browser to reach the phone’s configuration page
  5. Log into the interface using the default password admin

Update the profile settings

  1. Navigate to Profile 1 from the top menu
  2. Enter next to Primary SIP Server
  3. Click Apply

Configure the handset

  1. Navigate to Handsets from the top menu
  2. Enter the following settings in the Handset 1 section
    • SIP User ID: Enter your username
    • Authenticate ID: Enter your username again
    • Authenticate Password: Enter your password
    • Name: Enter the name you want to be displayed as caller ID (optional)
  3. Click Apply

Configure the server settings

  1. Navigate to Advanced Settings
  2. Enter next to STUN-server
  3. Click Apply
Please note that Telzio can only provide limited support on phones that are not purchased from our shop. You can order preconfigured phones from our shop that arrive ready for calling with the user.