Text message threads

Information about text message threads and how to manage them from the dashboard and mobile app.

A text message thread is the two-way conversation that ensues after you send or reply to a text message.

An incoming text message can be routed to multiple users at once, and the first user to respond will be assigned to that thread. A text message thread can be reassigned to another user, closed, and deleted. It's important to note that incoming texts will continue to be routed directly to the user assigned to that thread until it is closed. Once the thread is closed, any new incoming texts from that number will be routed according to your phone system's configuration.

Here are some potential scenarios with message threads and how to troubleshoot them.

Not receiving text messages

If you're part of a group assigned to receive text messages but you're not receiving them, it may be because another user has an existing message thread open with the sender.

Check to see if another user has an open thread with that sender, and ask the user (or an administrator) to close the message thread in order for new messages to be delivered according to your organization's routing setup.

Unable to respond to a text message

If you're unable to respond to a text message, it may be because another user has already responded to it and you'll see a notification that another user has already responded.