Send a text message

How to send text messages from the dashboard and the mobile app.

You can send text messages through the Telzio Dashboard and the Telzio Mobile App.

There is a 160-character limit per text message sent. Any message that exceeds 160 characters will be split into multiple texts.

Send a text from the dashboard

  1. Hover over the phone icon at the botton right corner
  2. Click on the message icon
  3. Enter the phone number and type your message
  4. Click the green arrow to send the message
  5. send_a_text_message

Send a text from the mobile app

  1. Navigate to Messages in the bottom menu
  2. Click the new message icon in the upper right corner
  3. Enter the phone number or search for the contact
  4. Type in a message, take a photo, or upload a photo from your phone
  5. Hit send