Collaborate on Call Recordings

Learn how to collaborate on call recordings with other users by commenting, reassigning, and applying tags to recordings.

You can access collaboration tools for call recordings on the Telzio Dashboard and Telzio Mobile App.

  • Reassign call recordings to other users. Users are notified by email when a recording has been assigned to them, and will have access to the recording on their dashboard and app. Once you reassign a recording to another user, you will not be able to reassign it back to yourself unless the other user or an authorized administrator does it on your behalf.
  • Comment on call recordings with internal notes that are only visible to other authorized users. When reassigning call recordings, other users will be able to see the prior comments and collaboration history on the recording.
  • Tag recordings with custom labels such as salestraining or followup. Tags are set by your organization's Telzio account administrator.

Call recordings on the dashboard

Navigate to Call Recordings and click on a recording to access the collaboration tools.

The Reassign tool is located on the right.

  1. Click on Reassign and select a user
  2. Once you confirm, the user will receive an email notification about the call recording that has just been assigned to them

To add an internal Comment to the recording file:

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page where it says Type your comment here
  2. Once you're done typing the comment, hit Comment to see your comment appear in the log

To apply a Tag:

  1. Click on Edit Tags on the right
  2. Click on the Tags you want to apply (you can choose multiple)
  3. Click Update Tags

Call recordings in the mobile app

Navigate to Menu > Recordings in the Telzio Mobile App.

From the list view, swipe left to Reassign a recording to another user.

Click on a recording to access more collaboration tools.

Press on the Tag icon to apply a tag. Click on the ellipsis (3 dots) in the top right to view the existing tags.

Type a Comment in the field provided to add an internal comment, then click Save.

Click on the user icon to reassign the recording to another user.