Porting numbers to Telzio

How to port existing phone numbers to Telzio, including what you need, porting time, and how to ensure uptime on your phone service.

You can keep your existing phone numbers by porting them from your current provider to Telzio.

The porting time varies by provider, and typically takes 1 to 10 business days. Once your porting request has been accepted, you'll receive a porting date and time so you know exactly when the service will switch.

What you'll need to port numbers

To submit a porting request, you must provide evidence that you own the numbers by uploading a recent bill or statement, and providing an account PIN if there is one. Everything is done through the Telzio Dashboard, and you do not need to contact your current provider to initiate the process. You may need to contact them to request a Customer Service Record (CSR) to verify the account details for the porting request.

How to submit a porting request

  1. Visit the Porting page under Plans & Numbers
  2. Mark the box to agree to the porting terms
  3. Complete the Owner Information section, which should match what the losing provider has on file
  4. Complete the Current Carrier & Documentation section, and provide the account number and PIN if there is one
  5. Click Add File to upload your bill or statement
  6. Enter the phone number and select Local or Toll Free
  7. Click on Add Number to add multiple numbers to the same porting request
  8. Click Next to review and confirm the porting request

You'll be able to view the status of pending porting requests under Porting.

How to ensure uptime during porting

  • Verify the information submitted in the porting request matches what the losing provider has on file to ensure the porting request is accepted the first time.
  • Configure your services with Telzio using the trial number for testing, and schedule an onboarding session with your account manager to review your setup.
  • Once the porting date has been provided on an accepted porting request and the phone numbers are pending on your account, visit Plans & Numbers to set up the Inbound Destinations for your numbers.