Get started with prepaid plans

About Telzio's prepaid plans and how to get started.

Prepaid plans include a set number of minutes each month, and provide a predictable monthly cost. Prepaid plans include unlimited users and features, and the flexibility to change your plan anytime.

When you have used 90% of your plan’s minutes, you will receive an email notifying you that you are close to your limit.

After you have used all of your plan’s included minutes, you will receive another email that you are now being charged for each call by your plan’s overage rate. Overage calls are charged in real-time towards your account’s balance.

Unused minutes on your plan do not roll over and must be used within the monthly billing cycle.

To get started with a prepaid plan, you first need a phone number.

Navigate to Plans & Numbers from your Telzio Dashboard, and click on Add Number. Once you find a number, you'll be prompted to customize your plan.

User the slider to choose the amount of minutes and text messages needed, and review the total charges before confirming.