SIP Tokens

A SIP token is an alternative password that doesn't change when users change their password themselves.

SIP tokens are useful when manually configuring IP phones. They can only be used to authenticate SIP devices, and will not allow access to the Telzio website or mobile app.

Create a SIP token

To create SIP tokens, you must either be logged in to the Telzio website as the Account Owner or Administrator, or have permissions to manage users.

  1. Go to Users and click on the user
  2. Scroll to SIP Information
  3. Click New SIP Token and give it a name
  4. Click Update Setting

You can now configure your IP phone with the user's username and use the SIP token instead of the user's password.

Revoke a SIP token

You can revoke a SIP token by clicking on the red trash can and then clicking Update Settings.