Receiving faxes with Telzio

How to receive faxes online through the Telzio Dashboard.

You can access your incoming faxes on the Telzio Dashboard and in your email.

Receive faxes through the dashboard

From the Telzio Dashboard, navigate to Fax in the left menu.

Here you'll be able to manage all your inbound and outbound faxes. You'll also be able to view failed fax attempts, fax directions, tags, and a detailed description of the time and date of the fax.

Here's what you can do while viewing a fax document:

  • View number of pages
  • Zoom in and out of the document
  • Expand the document
  • Rotate the file
  • Download the fax as a PDF
  • Print the fax

On the right side of the Fax viewing page, you will notice some more details in the fax. You will be able to view the numbers of those who sent the fax and who received it.

  • Status
  • Time and date received
  • Who the fax is currently assigned to
  • Fax detail log
  • Tags applied

From the right menu you can:

  • Download the document
  • Reassign the fax to another user
  • Delete the fax

Receive faxes by email

When you receive an incoming fax, an email notification is sent to the email associated with that Telzio fax number.

The email will include a PDF attachment of the PDF, along with the phone numbers of where the fax was sent from and to. From your email you should be able to view and download the fax.