SNOM 300 setup guide

How to provision the SNOM 300 series of devices with Telzio.

This guide pertains to all phones in the SNOM 300 series, including the SNOM 300, SNOM 320, SNOM 360 and SNOM 370 models.

Log into the phone’s web interface

  1. Press the phone’s Help button or the "7" key on the keypad. Hit the down arrow on the directional pad until the IP address appears.
  2. Type the IP address into your web browser’s address field and press enter.

Configure the user with the phone

After you log in, you will see the phone’s status page. This shows all accounts configured on the phone and other useful data.

  1. Press Identity 1 from the side menu

  2. Enter the following settings:

    • Line Active: On
    • Label: Enter the name you want displayed on the phone
    • DisplayName: Your Name
    • Account: Your Username (All lowercase)
    • Password: Your Password (Case Sensitive)
    • Registrar:
    • Outbound Proxy:
    • Authentication username: Your Username (All lowercase)
    • Mailbox: *98
    • Leave the rest of the settings as they are by default.
  3. Click Apply and the phone will be ready for calling