Set up a phone menu

How to create a phone menu and set up call routing options with Telzio Call Flows.

Under Call Flows, you can add a phone menu and customize a greeting and routing options.

A phone menu is also called an auto attendant, and can be used to automatically distribute calls based on the caller's selection.

This guide will explain how to:

Add a new phone menu

  1. Log into your Telzio Dashboard and navigate to your Call Flows
  2. Click on Add Flow to set up a new phone menu
  3. Click on Add Action
  4. Select Phone Menu

Once you add the phone menu, you'll see its settings open in a new window. Click on update or anywhere outside of the settings to get back to the call flow view, and you'll see the phone menu as the first step in the flow. Click on the menu again to get back to the settings editor.

Create a greeting

You can create a greeting by:

  • Recording through your browser
  • Uploading an audio file
  • Using text-to-speech

Record a greeting

  1. Click on Record
  2. Click on the microphone to initiate a 3 second countdown to start recording
  3. Click on stop when you have finished recording
  4. Click play to hear your greeting
  5. undefined

Upload a greeting

  1. Click Upload
  2. Click on the up arrow to choose a file from your computer
  3. Click Preview to hear the greeting
  4. Click Update to save

Type out a greeting

  1. Click Type
  2. Type out your greeting in the field provided
  3. Click Select Voice and choose a voice from the list
  4. Click Update to save

Configure keypad options

Depending on the instructions provided in your phone menu greeting, you can enable keypad selections by clicking on the corresponding number. Each number selected will generate a new path in your call flow where you can set up routing and destinations.


Once you're back in the call flow view, you can click on Add Action to configure the call routing for each of the menu options you just created.

Visit the menu on the left to explore more actions you can add to your call flows.

Enable extension dialing

Select Allow Extensions under Advance Options to enable callers to dial an extension anytime during the greeting.

Set up alternate timeout routing

If the caller doesn't make a selection, you can re-route them to an alternate destination, such as to an announcement, or back to the main menu.

Select Timeout Action under Advanced Options. This will create a new path in the call flow for you to add an alternate route.

Under Timeout, select the number of seconds for the caller to make a selection.

Repeat the greeting

Under Repeat Greeting, select the number of times to repeat the greeting. You can replay the greeting up to 10 times.

Go to the previous menu

Under Go To Previous Menu, you can assign a number on the keypad to route the caller back to the previous menu if there is one.