Get started with Telzio Voicemail

How to access your voicemail, update your greeting, and add a security PIN.

Voicemails are sent to your email which includes the voicemail transcription and a link to listen to the message. You can also access your voicemail from the dashboard, mobile app, and desk phones where your user is logged in.

There is no storage limit for voicemails, and messages will remain stored unless deleted by you or your organization's data retention settings.

You can collaborate on voicemail messages by adding internal comments and tags, and reassigining messages to other users.

Access voicemail

On the mobile app and most desk phones, you can access your voicemail by clicking on the voicemail or mail icon.

You can also dial *98 from your Telzio phone to get to your voicemail.


Once connected to your voicemail, you can follow the prompts and navigate through the settings as follows:

  • Press 0 to return to the main menu
  • Press 1 to delete a message
  • Press 2 to save the greeting
  • Press 3 to record a greeting
  • Press 4 to delete all voicemail messages

Voicemail on the dashboard

Navigate to voicemail on the left side of the dashboard to access your voicemail messages. From there you can:

  • view voicemail transcriptions
  • listen to, download, and delete messages
  • add comments and tags
  • reassign messages to other users

Learn more about checking voicemail and collaborating on voicemail messages.

Customize your greeting

You can customize your greeting from your phone and from the dashboard. The dashboard provides additional ways to generate a professional greeting. To customize your greeting from the dashboard, navigate to the top right corner of the dashboard and click on User Settings.

You can hear the default greeting provided by pressing play.

Ways to create a greeting from the dashboard:

  • Record directly through your computer
  • Upload an audio file
  • Use the text-to-speech tool

Set up a voicemail PIN

By default, there is no PIN required to access your voicemail. To add a PIN, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to User Settings in the top right corner of the dashboard
  2. Enter a 4-digit Voicemail PIN
  3. Click Update Details