Create a call queue in Telzio

How to create call queues, add agents to queues, and customize the caller experience.

Call queues enable you to place callers on hold when all agents are busy. You can add queues to your call flow, add users to queues, and manage queues in real time from Queues in your Telzio Dashboard.

From Call Flows, you can add a Queue by clicking on Add Action.

What you can customize in queues:

Add a queue name

The name you put here will be the name announced to the agent when they answer a call, if you have Announce Queue Name to Agent enabled.

Customize the call settings

  • Record Calls - Record all calls coming through this queue
  • Announce Queue Position - Announces the caller's position in line to the caller
  • Announce Hold Time to Agent - Announces the amount of time the caller has been holding to the agent before connecting
  • Announce Queue Name to Agent - Announces the name entered under Queue Name to the agent

Choose hold music

Click on Hold Music to view the available options for hold music in the queue.

You can add your own hold music or recording of your choice by uploading an audio file under Account Settings.

Press Play to preview the hold music.

Set a maximum hold time

Select a time duration under Max Hold Time to re-route callers to the next step in the call flow once they have reached the time limit.

Select a call strategy

Choose between calling all parties or calling one at a time:

  • Call all - Rings everyone on the list at the same time.
  • Call one-by-one - Rings agents one at a time in starting with the agent who hasn't received a call the longest

Add skip queue option

You can designate 0 on the keypad for callers to skip the queue and move them onto the next action in the call flow.

Mark the box next to Press 0 to Skip Queue to enable.

Enable call back request

You can enable callers to request a call back when the next agent becomes available, rather than continue to wait in the queue.

Mark the box next to Press 1 to Call Me Back to enable.

Add agents to the queue

Click on Add Agent to start adding users to the call queue.

Select the user from the drop down list under Agent.

Select the grace period to allow time between each call that the agent receives from the queue.

Enable and disable the agent from the queue by marking the box under Available.

Remove the agent from the queue by pressing the red x.

Click Update to save changes.