Make announcements to callers

How to add announcements to your phone service with Telzio call flows.

You can make announcements to callers by using the Announcements action. Once the announcement is done playing, you can route the callers on through your call flow.

Add an anouncement

From Call Flows, click on the flow where you want to add an announcement. Click on Add Action or hover over the line between two actions and press on the + sign.

Add a greeting

Use one of the following methods to create your announcement:

  • Record through your browser
  • Upload an audio file
  • Type out the greeting

Set repeat instructions

You can have your announcement repeat up to 4 times in each action. To have the announcement repeat more than 4 times, you can add multiple announcement actions.

Enable caller to skip

You can allow callers to skip the announcement by pressing any key on their dialpad. Mark the box to enable.

Click Update to save the announcement.