Get started with text messages

How to send and receive text messages through the Telzio Dashboard and Telzio Mobile App.

Text and picture messaging is supported in the Telzio Mobile App and the Telzio Dashboard. In addition to sending and receiving text messages, you can collaborate on texts with other users in your organization.

Text from the mobile app

To send a text message using the Telzio Mobile App, follow these steps.

  1. Open the app and select Messages in the bottom menu
  2. Click the new message icon in the upper right corner
  3. Enter the phone number you would like to send a message to, or search for a contact, and click Next
  4. Enter a message and hit Send

Text from the dashboard

You can send a text from the webphone in the bottom right corner of the dashboard, as well as from the SMS page. After the text message has been delivered, you can find it on the SMS page.

To send a new message

  1. Hover over the phone icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard and click on the SMS icon
  2. Enter the phone number and type a message
  3. Click the green arrow to send

Mouse navigating to the phone icon and opening the SMS composer to send a text message

Collaborate on text messages

In addition to sending and receiving texts, you can collaborate on text messages from the SMS page by adding internal comments and tags, reassiging them to other users, and deleting them.

Learn how to collaborate on text messages with other users.

Receive texts

Telzio enables multiple users to receive incoming text messages on the same phone number. If another user has already responded to a new incoming text, that user will become the owner of that text message thread. If another user attempts to respond to the same message, they'll be notified that the message has already been responded to. The user who owns the thread can re-assign the message to another user to take over.