Add tags to call logs

How to implement automatic tagging of call log entries with custom tags.

The Tag Call Log action allows you to add tags to a call passing through a chosen action(s) in the Call Flow. These tags are then attached to that particular call's entry in the Call Log.

Automatic Tagging using Tag Call Log

The action itself does not have any effect on the call nor will the caller hear anything. It's strictly for adding data to your call logs.

How it works

You can add the action to any part of your call flow, and when a call reaches this action, the tags selected within the action will be added to the call's Call Log entry.

Defining Tags

Tags are account-wide and can be customized from the Account Settings. Your account comes with some predefined tags, and you can add and remove tags.

Deleting a Tag from Account Settings will also remove it from all Call Log entries, SMS threads, voicemails, faxes and call recordings to which it was assigned. However, the tag can be restored to its original assignments by simply adding the tag back to the account anytime after it's removal.

Call Log

The Call Log page will display the tags added to each call, and you can filter your list of call log entries by tags as well.

Currently, there is no way to change the tags that have been added to a call log entry, but this feature is on our roadmap.


The Calls tab on your Analytics dashboard allows you to filter call data by tags. This will allow you to display data for any calls that are assigned with one or more tags.

Here are examples of how some Telzio customers are using this feature.

Calls that went to voicemail

The Telzio user wanted to measure a KPI (key performance indicator) based on how many calls abandoned the Call Queue and went to voicemail.

To do this, the user placed a Tag Call Log action between the Call Queue and Voicemail actions in the Call Flow, so that when a call moved out of the queue and on to voicemail, it passed through the Tag Call Log action. The action was configued to add a tag called "to voicemail".

The user can now use the Analytics section to filter data by calls that are tagged with "to voicemail" to see how many calls went to voicemail during a certain period of time.

Callers who pressed "5" in the phone menu

The Telzio user wanted to measure how many callers pressed "5" in the Phone Menu to be routed to another area of the Call Flow that wasn't a Call Queue.

Due to a Call Queue not being used, this data was not previously available to them without analyzing every incoming call's events.

By placing a Tag Call Log action after the "Press 5" leg of their Phone Menu, they are now able to use the Analytics section to filter their data and see how many callers pressed "5" in their Phone Menu.

Callers who didn't leave a voicemail

The Telzio user didn't want any calls falling through the cracks, so they needed the ability to call back customers who hung up during the voicemail greeting, not leaving a message.

By placing a Tag Call Log action before the Voicemail action in their Call Flow, they are now able to see a list of calls in their Call Log tagged with a Voicemail tag, regardless if they left a message or not.