Check voicemail messages

Get voicemails transcribed and delivered by email, and learn how to check voicemail messages on the dashboard and the mobile app.

Voicemails are delivered to you by email, and includes the voicemail transcription along with a link to listen to the message.

From your desk phone and mobile app, you can press the voicemail button and dial *98 to access your voicemail.

Check voicemail from the mobile app

To check your voicemail messages from the Telzio Mobile App, press the voicemail icon.


Once connected to your voicemail, you can follow the prompts and navigate through the settings as follows:

  • Press 0 to return to the main menu
  • Press 1 to delete a message
  • Press 2 to save the greeting
  • Press 3 to record a greeting
  • Press 4 to delete all voicemail messages

Check voicemail from the dashboard

You can check your messages from your computer by logging into the Telzio website. The dashboard provides details about your voicemail messages, and tools to manage and collaborate on messages.

From the Telzio Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Voicemail
  2. Click on the voicemail to open its details
  3. Press play to listen to the voicemail
  4. Press Download File to download the voicemail message
  5. Click on the wave form to skip to different parts of the message

Check voicemail in your email

Voicemail messages are delivered to your email along with a voicemail transcription and a link to where you can listen to the message.

Voicemail links in your email expire after 48 hours.

After the link to play the voicemail has expired, you can still access the voicemail message from your dashboard.