Set up fax with an ATA device

How to set up your fax machine with an ATA device to use with Telzio.

An Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) enables you to use your existing fax machine with Telzio.

A dedicated fax number is required when using a fax machine.

  1. Connect your ATA device to a powersource and ethernet port.

  2. Open up your web browser and enter the IP address for your ATA.

    • Obtaining the IP address for the ATA may differ depending on the device. We recommend to check your router and find the IP address associated to the ATA's MAC Address. Or, you can connect an analog phone to your device, look online for your intructions respective to your device model to find the IP address (For example, the Grandstream HT800 series requires dialing *** (3 Asterisks) and then 02 (Zero Two) to be prompted the IP address).
  3. Use the following information to provision your device:

    • SIP Server:
    • User ID: your Telzio username
    • Authenticate ID: your Telzio username
    • Authenticate Password: your Telzio password
  4. Apply these settings to your device (a reboot may be required)

  5. Go to Plans & Numbers

  6. Click on the number to be used for faxing

  7. Set the destination for Inbound Calls to User and select a user