Authentication of IP phones

Understand the importance of authentication for securing your IP phones.

A user is required to register any device with your Telzio service. When the user is fully registered with the device and a call is enroute, the SIP server will be able to direct call traffic to and from the device appropriately and securely.

Benefit of SIP tokens

A user may be in a situation where they are using a manually provisioned IP phone, and the password on their device has changed. This may cause a delay in using the phone as they would need to re-enter the password again in order to use the device again.

This is where taking advantage of a SIP token to act as an alternative password when configuring the IP phone is useful. In the event a user changes the password for their account, the SIP token used for the IP phone will remain unchanged, allowing continued usage of the device.

Multifactor Authentication

Also commonly known as 2FA or MFA, Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account and phone systems, requiring an additional code or physical action to allow access. Two-Factor Authentication is a best security practice and can be enabled from the user details page.