• Caller ID

    Learn how to choose which of your Telzio phone numbers to set as the caller ID for your users.

  • Change Password

    Learn how to change the password for your Telzio Users.

  • Collaboration

    Learn about the collaboration tools available from your Telzio phone system, enabling you to comment, tag, and reassign messages and call recordings.

  • Getting Started with Users

    Learn how to create Users for your Telzio phone system. Users are included as part of your service, and there's no additional fee for adding Users.

  • Groups

    Learn how to organize your Telzio Users into Groups, making it easy to route calls to departments and teams.

  • SIP Information

    Learn about the SIP information needed to set up your Telzio users with their devices and softphone applications.

  • SIP Tokens

    SIP tokens allow you to create an alternative password for a user, that doesn't change when users change their passwords themselves.

  • User Details

    Learn how to customize details for your Telzio Users including caller ID, no-answer rules, profile picture, and call recording.

  • User Voicemail

    Telzio enables each of your Users to have Voicemail included as part of your service. With Telzio Voicemail, Users can manage Voicemail messages from their devices as well as on the Telzio website. To manage User Voicemail and set up a personal greeting, follow these steps: Dial *98 from your phone.