Create a conference bridge

How to create a conference bridge secured by a dial-in PIN for hosting multiple callers.

You can host conference calls with Telzio while on an active call, and by creating a conference bridge for callers to dial into. This article covers how to create a dial-in conference bridge.

What to know about conference bridges:

  • Callers can dial into your conference bridge from any location or phone number
  • Conference bridges are live as soon as you create them, and anyone who has the PIN can dial in at any time
  • Each external participant on a conference call counts as usage towards your plan
  • Telzio users can dial into conferences at no charge (and without incurring minutes) by dialing the extension of the call flow to reach the conference bridge (internal calling between extensions does not count towards your plan usage)
  • You can create an unlimited number of conference bridges as part of your Telzio service

Listen to the greeting

You can customize the announcement callers hear when they first call into the conference bridge, or you can use the existing default greeting.

Press Play to here the current greeting.

Add a new greeting

Create a greeting by:

  • Recording a greeting through your browser
  • Uploading an audio file
  • Typing it into our text-to-speech tool

You can preview the greeting by clicking Back and pressing Play.

Add conference rooms

Click Add Room to create more conference bridges. You can edit the PIN and Room Name as desired.

Once you click Update to save the changes, the conference bridges will be live and ready to host participants. Make sure the phone number you're using for the conference has been assigned to the call flow.