Configure account blacklist to block calls and messages

How to block unwanted calls and messages to/from specific phone numbers, area codes, prefixes, and countries.

The Blacklist enables you to limit the amount of unwanted inbound or outbound calls going through the account.

You can elect to block inbound or outbound traffic coming from a specific country, area code, prefix, or number. You can also block calls going to and from anonymous and private phone numbers.

Apply account-wide blacklist

  1. Go to Account Settings
  2. Scroll down to Blacklist
  3. Click New Number
  4. Select the Country Code and choose either to
    • type the area code, prefix, or specific number to block
    • leave the number field blank to block the entire country
  5. Choose the Direction of calls the blacklist action will apply to
  6. Select an Action
    • Block Calls to or from the number
    • Allow Calls to or from the number
  7. Elect whether to Block Anonymous Calls or not
  8. Click Save Changes You can repeat the above steps to manage multiple numbers added to the blacklist.