User Preferences

How to change important user settings ranging from your hold music to routing for unanswered calls.

The User Preferences section of the Telzio Dashboard enables you to keep important details current such as your email, name, and voicemail security PIN. You can personalize your hold music, upload an avatar, and customize other settings.

In the top right of the Telzio Dashboard, press the down arrow to expand the menu, then click User Settings.

Change your user avatar

Update your profile picture by uploading an image from your computer (.jpg or .png).

Change your name

Enter your new first and last name, and click Update Details.

Change your email

Enter your new email address and click Update Details.

Enable the webphone

Enable and disable the webphone from showing up on your dashboard.

Redirect to dashboard

Automatically redirect your browser to the Telzio Dashboard when visiting

Set up a voicemail PIN

Enter a 4-digit PIN for accessing your voicemail and click Update Details.

Change your time zone

Select the time zone you're in and click Update Details.

Change your hold music

Select one of the music options from the drop down list and click Update Details.

Route unanswered calls

Select a destination when you don't answer a call, and how long a call should ring before re-routing. You can route calls to:

  • voicemail
  • a Call Flow
  • another user
  • a group
  • an external phone number