Set up opening hours and after hours routing

How to filter calls by business hours and create alternate routing for afterhours calls.

Telzio enables you to automate inbound call routing by business hours and schedules. With Opening Hours, you can create different routing instructions to filter calls based on time and day, and layer multiple Opening Hours to accommodate different schedules.

From Call Flows, click on the flow to be edited, and select Opening Hours to insert the action into the flow.

Set a time zone

In the Opening Hours action, you can specify the time zone that should be used to filter calls. Click on the drop down list and select the time zone.

Set the opening hours

Mark the days that you're open, and move the slider to reflect the opening hours for each day.

You'll be able to set two different routes following this action - one for the days that you're open and another for the days that you're closed.

Click Update to save the changes.

Customize afterhours routing

Once you click save and return to the call flow overview, you'll see two new routes created for when you're open and when you're closed.

Click on Add Action to start customizing the afterhours call routing.

To learn more about the actions you can use for routing calls, explore Call Flows.