Send automatic text messages to callers

How to automate text messages to callers with the SMS action in call flows.

The SMS action enables you to send automatic text messages to callers, users, and groups when a caller reaches that point in your call flow.

For example, you can send automated SMS text messages to any person or group when any of the following events occur:

  • Someone calls your business
  • Someone calls a certain department or extension of your business
  • You have a missed call
  • Someone leaves a voicemail
  • Someone completes a payment over the phone
A short code is required for mass texting. Email to learn more about getting a short code for SMS campaigns.

Set up automated SMS

The Automated SMS feature is another Action that you can add anywhere in your Call Flow, depending on what events you want to trigger the SMS message to be sent. As with other Actions, you can add multiple SMS Actions in the flow.

SMS preferences:

  • Send SMS From - Choose the number to send from
  • Allow Roaming - Enable texting to numbers not covered by your plan, such as some international numbers where extra charges may apply
  • Show Messages on Dashboard - Display the sent text messages on your Dashboard
  • Send SMS To - Send a text to the caller, another phone number, a user, or a group
  • Message Text - Type in the message that you want sent
  • Shortcodes - Add shortcodes to your message.
    • {{}} - Inserts the number dialed
    • {{call.from}} - Inserts the caller’s number
    • {{call.from.cnam}} - Inserts the caller’s caller ID name
    • {{}} - Inserts the current date

There is a 160-character limit per text message. If you send a message longer than 160 characters, the message will be split into multiple texts.