Intercom calling

How to place an intercom call and initiate two-way communciation with another Telzio phone.

Intercom enables you to create a two-way call to another device without requiring the other end to answer the call. Using desk phones, you can establish an intercom connection with other devices in your organization, and communicate with employees in other departments, offices, and locations.

Before you can establish an Intercom call, you need to enable intercom on your devices. Intercom works with most desk phones supported by Telzio. To enable intercom on your particular device, refer to our support guides or the phone's user manual.

Start an intercom call

To establish an intercom call, dial * plus the extension of the device where you want to establish a connection.

For example, if the Telzio phone you're looking to connect to has the extension 525, you would dial *525 to initiate an intercom call with that phone.

On most desk phones supported by Telzio, you can also program the phone’s speed dial keys as intercom buttons to quickly connect with devices in your organization.