Set up call forwarding rules

How to set up custom call forwarding rules.

Forward is an action in the call flow that enables you to automatically distribute calls based on your custom routing rules.

To add a Forward action to your call flow, navigate to the call flow, click on Add Action, and select Forward.

You can customize these settings within the Forward action:

  • Action Title - Used to identify your action in the call flow, ie sales team
  • Call Distribution - Rings everyone at once, or one-by-one
  • Call Screening - Announces the name of the call flow to the agent and prompts them to press 1 to accept the call (When forwarding to external phone numbers such as a cell phone number, you can enable Call Screening to prevent the call from ending up in the personal voicemail of the external number.)
  • Call Recording - Records all incoming calls routed through the action
  • Caller ID - Shows either the caller's number, or your number
  • Hold Music - Plays the selected hold music
  • Hold Message Voice - Determines the voice that will announce your hold message
  • Hold Message - Appears when a hold message voice is selected and will be heard by the caller before the call starts connecting
  • Destinations - Determines where calls are routed, whether to a user, a group, or another phone number
    • Type - Forward calls to a user, group, or external phone number
    • Forward To - Choose the user or group, or enter the phone number
    • Time Out - Select the amount of time the call attempts this destination before moving onto the next (when using call one-by-one)
An important note when forwarding calls to ring all at once. A maximum of 20 unique users or phone numbers can be dialed simultaneously. If you add more than 20 destinations, the system will randomly select 20 of the destinations to ring.

Click on Update to save your settings, and you'll notice a new path created following the Forward action in your call flow for when there's no answer. If no one from the destinations list answers the call, you can add an action such as a voicemail or other action.

Forwarding to external phone numbers should be avoided when possible and only used as backup if a user does not have internet connectivity. You may experience loss of call quality due to the call being routed through the provider of the forwarding number, and each call will be charged at both the inbound minute rate to your Telzio number plus the outbound minute rate for forwarding to the external number.