Live call monitoring

How to monitor live calls with listen, whisper, and barge.

Call monitoring enables managers to join live calls of other users.

There are three modes of call monitoring:

  • Listen enables you to listen in on the call without anyone hearing you
  • Whisper enables you to talk to the agent without the customer hearing
  • Barge enables you to talk to all parties on the call and everyone can hear you
To use call monitoring features, you must have user permissions, which can be granted by your account administrator.

How to listen in on calls

Dial 000 + the extension.

When the call is first connected, you’ll start off in listen mode, where you are on mute and no one can hear you.

For example, if the extension of the user you want to monitor is 120, then you would dial 000+120 to start monitoring.

How to whisper on calls

  1. Dial 000 + the extension
  2. Press 5 to switch to whisper mode

How to barge into calls

  1. Dial 000 + the extension
  2. Press 6 to barge into the call

Call monitoring commands

You can switch between listen, whisper, and barge anytime during the call using these commands:

  • Listen - Press 4
  • Whisper - Press 5
  • Barge - Press 6