Set up automatic routing with Transfers in your call flow

How to automatically transfer incoming calls to a selected user, group, or call flow.

Not to be confused with transferring calls, Transfer is an action in your Call Flow that you can use to automate inbound call routing. You can use the Transfer action to send calls to a user, a group, or to another Call Flow.

Transfer is a more simple alternative to using the Forward action, which is better for customizing destinations and caller experience.

To add a Transfer action, click on Add Action in your call flow and select Transfer.

Under Set Transfer Destination, select from one of the following:

  • User
  • Group
  • Call Flow

Depending on your selection, you'll be presented with a drop down list to the right of that where you can specify which user, group, or call flow to route calls.

Click Update to save.

If you set calls to route to a user and there's no answer, the call will be routed according to the user's individual unanswered calls setting. To set up alternate routing for unanswered calls, use the Forward action instead.