Getting Started with Fax

Updated: Feb 3, 2017

Telzio provides an internet-based fax service where you can send, receive, and manage all your faxes through our website. Incoming faxes can be emailed to you and your employees, and they will also appear in your dashboard. You can port an existing fax number to us, purchase a new fax number, and use any of your existing phone numbers as a fax line.

Here are some other things you can do with Telzio fax:

  • Send faxes as PDF by email to employees.
  • Enable employees to collaborate on faxes through the dashboard.
  • Send faxes by uploading a document from your computer.
  • Connect your Telzio fax number to a fax machine with an adaptor.

To get started with a dedicated fax line, first you need to have at least one phone number.

Learn about Porting Numbers and Getting Numbers.

Setting up a Fax Line

Once you have a phone number, you can follow these steps to set up a fax line.

  1. Navigate to the Plans & Numbers page.
  2. Click on the phone number you want to receive faxes on to open and edit its details.
  3. Set the Inbound Call Destination to Fax, by clicking on the drop down list.
  4. Then choose a Fax Destination, by clicking on the drop down list.

    Send faxes by email to one User.

    Send faxes by email to all Users in a Group.


    Send faxes directly to one email.
  5. When you’re finished choosing a User, Group, or Email to receive faxes, click Update, and you’re all set!

Sending Faxes

Here are steps to help you send a Fax.

  1. Navigate to the Fax page, or simply click on the Fax icon on the bottom left corner of your Dashboard.
  2. Click on New Fax.
  3. Choose the Fax number you want to send From.
  4. Enter the fax number you want to send a fax to, in the To field.
  5. Click on the Up Arrow button to upload the document you want to fax from your computer.
  6. Click Send.