SNOM 300 Series

The SNOM 300-series is a series of business IP phones that you can use with your Telzio phone system. There are currently 4 different models in the 300 series, offering up to 16 lines and simple web configuration.

In this article you’ll learn how to configure phones in the SNOM 300 series to use with Telzio.

Important notes:

  • You must have a user before you can configure your phone.
    Learn more about Getting Started with Users.
  • If you’re using an IP phone that was used with another provider, do a factory reset on the phone before you get started.
  • This guide pertains to all phones in the SNOM 300 series, including the SNOM 300, SNOM 320, SNOM 360 and SNOM 370 models.

Log into the phone’s web interface

  1. Press the phone’s “Help” button or the "7" key on the keypad. Hit the down arrow on the directional pad until the IP address appears – it could look something like this:
  2. Type the IP address into your web browser’s address field and press enter.

Configure the phone with your username

After you log in, you will see the phone’s status page. This shows all accounts configured on the phone and other useful data.

  1. From the side-menu, press Identity 1.
  2. Enter the following settings:
    Line Active: On
    Label: Enter the name you want displayed on the phone
    DisplayName: Your Name
    Account: Your Username (All lowercase)
    Password: Your Password (Case Sensitive)
    Outbound Proxy:
    Authentication username: Your Username (All lowercase)
    Mailbox: *98

    Leave the rest of the settings as they are by default.

  3. Press Apply
  4. The phone is now ready to make and receive calls.