Not to be confused with Transferring Calls, Transfer is a feature in your Call Flow that you can use to automate inbound call routing. You’ll want to use Transfer to send calls to one person, or to another Call Flow. Transfer is an alternative for using the Forward feature, which is better for forwarding to Groups.

In this article, you’ll learn about how to use Transfer with your Telzio phone system.

Before you get started, here are a few important definitions to know:

 - Actions are the features you can use to automate inbound call routing, such as Opening Hours, Phone Menus, Forward, and Voicemail. Actions tell your phone system what to do when someone calls your business.

Call Flow - 
A Call Flow is like a map of the features you have designed to manage your incoming callers. Call Flows are comprised of Actions to tell your phone system how to handle calls, and look much like flow charts.
Learn about Call Flows.

 - Users enable your employees to make and receive calls from your phone system. With a username and password, Users can log into our mobile app, IP phones, softphones, and the Telzio User Dashboard.
Learn about Creating Users.

Setting up Transfer in a Call Flow

Follow these steps to set up Transfer.

  1. Navigate to your Call Flows.
  2. Click Add Flow, or edit an existing Call Flow.
  3. Click Add Action, and select Transfer.

  4. Enter a name for this Action in the field provided. Naming your Actions will help you identify them later as you start building out your Call Flow.
  5. Choose a Transfer Destination.
    User Sends calls to a single User.
    Call Flow  Sends calls to one of your other Call Flows.
  6. Click Update.