Telzio enables you to create an unlimited number of Voicemail inboxes included as part of your Telzio service. You can add shared Voicemail for the entire company or a department, and forward Voicemail messages to an email, a User, or a Group. With Telzio Voicemail, your employees can collaborate on messages, re-assign them, tag them with important reminders, and delete them when they’re resolved.

Additionally, Telzio includes Voicemail Transcription as part of your service, saving you time on listening to messages. With Voicemail Transcription, you can receive Voicemail messages transcribed as text and delivered to your email.

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up company Voicemail.

To learn about individual Voicemail for Users, visit the User Voicemail support page.


When we talk about Voicemail, we use some terminology that you should familiarize yourself with before you get started.

  • Call Flow
     - A Call Flow is the arrangement of features and settings designed to automate inbound calling.
  • Actions - 
    Actions are the features that make up your Call Flow, such as Voicemail.
  • Destination - 
    Destination refers to the email, User, or Group where you want to send Voicemail messages.
  • Transcription - Transcription is a Telzio feature that provides voice-to-text capabilities.

Follow these steps to set up a Voicemail:

  1. Navigate to your Call Flows.
  2. Click on the desired Call Flow to open its settings.
  3. Click on Add Action,  and select Voicemail.

  4. Record a custom greeting, upload an audio file from your computer, or use the default greeting provided.
    If you have issues recording, please see our troubleshooting guide for help on enabling your microphone.
  5. Press the play button to hear the greeting.
  6. Select a Voicemail Destination.
    User – Send Voicemails to a User’s email.
    Group – Send Voicemails to all Users’ email in a given Group. 
    Email – 
    Send Voicemails to an email.
  7. Enter the email, or select the User or Group where you want to send Voicemails.
  8. Mark the box next to Transcribe Voicemails to receive Voicemails as text.
  9. Click Update.

Learn more about the length of voicemail greetings.